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Yet few people stop to question the forms of masculinity that have been passed to them, let alone construct a more conscious alternative.

Via video, audio and text, Future Masculinity will help both men and women understand how masculinity functions in contemporary society, and how it can be re-imagined for a sustainable future.

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You may know that at RSD we've spent the last 6 years ceaselessly working to “crack the code” on what it takes to get to that FULL level of personal transformation.So wouldn't it be great to have someone who's ALREADY made that shift to answer YOUR questions on the journey?All those times when you feel like you're smashing your head against a brick wall...This lecture identifies some problems with the way Mansfield and Wilber present masculinity, chiefly rejecting the idea of biological determinism and the supposedly "natural" characteristics of men and women.Further still, it is suggested there are no useful precedents for modelling masculinity, so we should not be defined by history, rather define what will become history.

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